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U.S. Soccer has created a Resource Center for all referees, assignors, assessors, and instructors registered with the Federation. The Resource Center is designed to support the referee community by providing access to the most up-to-date information about the U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Details on the registration process and directions on how to orderreplacement badges
  • Information on the Bylaws and Policies of U.S. Soccer Administrative guidelines and best practices
  • Certification requirements for referees, instructors, assignors andassessors
  • Calendar of membership events and competitions
  • Local and national listing for courses and clinics
  • Online training programs
  • Video content specific to the Laws of the Game and practical refereeing
  • Downloads for courses, books, videos and instructional materials
  • Contact information for the State Referee Associations and the U.S. Soccer Referee Department

To access the Resource Center, go to

To access all manuals and books, go to


Referees are required to complete and submit game reports when:

  • A send-off of players, coaches, or spectators of games
  • Serious injury has occured during the match
  • Unusual circumstances occured during the match
  • Match had to be abandoned
  • Specific League Requirements

The U.S. Soccer Referee Report is to be used by referees to file an official game report. Complete and submit this form to the appropriate competition authorities (e.g., local league, tournament director, cup coordinator, etc.) as directed.

The U.S. Soccer Supplemental Referee Report is to be used in addition to the U.S. Soccer Referee Report for instances of referee assault, referee abuse, dismissal of team officials, sending-off offenses, serious injuries, game abandonment, etc...

To assist referees in completing the reports, U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program Report Codes for Cautionable and Sending-Off Offenses are available.  Use these codes when completing a U.S. Soccer Referee Report and/or U.S. Soccer Supplemental Referee Report.

The Fourth Officials Log should be used when the sanctioning competition authority request it.

Each of these four documents are available in PDF form as well as Microsoft Word versions.  See "Related Links" on this web page.

In addition to submitting the report to the appropriate competition authorities, reports MUST be submitted to

Reports must be filed with 48 hours of the match.



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